About Us

BigShots Indoor Range, Gun Store and ProShop is serving Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska. Our facilities include a state-of-the-art indoor firearms range and a gun store with an extensive selection of over 300 firearms. BigShots is your local, family owned firearm dealer - we Buy Sell & Trade. We also offer an extensive range of training and certifications options in addition to Private Lessons. Feel free to stop by and browse our fully stocked ProShop and extensive inventory of firearms. Just give us a call and allow our professional staff to discuss your firearms needs. If you are in the area, come by and shoot with us or just come by and say hello. If you don't have your own firearms, we have a great selection of rental guns available.  

1. What ammo is restricted?

Sorry, NO Steel cased Ammo. NO Steel Projectiles, Incendiary, Tracer, Exploding or Military Tipped ammo of any kind. Only brass or aluminum cartridges are allowed. Only lead core bullets allowed. (Wolf, Tula, most Russian ammo is steel.)

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2. What guns can I shoot at BigShots?

In general .223/556 and 762x39mm and below .308 Win may be shots suppressed. Handguns up to .454 Casull

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3. What is your maximum distance?

True 25 yards.

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4. How many shooting lanes are there?

9 - 25 yard lanes

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5. May I bring in my own targets?

You may, but there are a couple limiting factors. Our retrievers use a target that is 25”x36” this allows for the targets to hang in a way that will help to limit floor and ceiling strikes. If you have smaller targets you wish to use then they may be taped to the middle of our full size target.

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6. What safety features do you have?

The backstop is an Action Target Total Containment Trap made of AR 500 Steel capable of stopping a 308. Rifle round. The walls are concrete filled masonry. The shooting stall are rated to .44 magnum at point blank and our ventilation system exchanges and filters all of the air on the range every 90 seconds. The range has been designed at great expense with safety as the number one priority.

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7. How long can I shoot?

Sessions last one hour but you are welcome to shoot as long as you want, however during peak times we may have to limit the time to one hour so others can enjoy the range.

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8. Are women welcome?

YES!!! Women are not only welcome but are the fastest growing section of the shooting sports. Approximately 25% of shooters are women and the figure is growing. Remember, shooting is related to calmness and focus. Women are excellent shots.

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9. Can I bring a minor?

Minors are welcome and are the future of our sport. Youth under 18 need a guardian present.

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10. Could my child become the next Olympic champion?

Absolutely. Target shooting is an Olympic sport.

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11. I have never shot before. Can I get help?

Absolutely. We can assess your level and give support. If necessary we will advise a class to assist you in your enjoyment of the sport. You will have fun here even if it’s your first time.

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12. Does your facility support physically handicapped shooters?

We have designed our ranges for wheelchair accessibility. If you have special needs, call ahead and we will do our best to accommodate.

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13. Do you have stuff to buy?

We have everything you need for a fun range experience. Ammo, cleaning equipment, targets, hearing protection and classes. We also carry a large selection of firearms and other great items for sale. If we carry it, it is quality. If you desire anything we don’t carry, just let us know. We’ll get it for you. Back to Top

14. Do you clean guns?

Our Certified Gunsmith will be happy to do a complete and thorough cleaning and inspection of your firearms. Back to Top

15. Can I shoot my machine gun?

Machine Guns are welcome up to .45ACP handgun cartridge with prior approval and with ammo approval.
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